Clube Albufeira Resort



Under the terms of article 34 of the Decree-Law nº 275/93, dated 5th of August , and the texts introduced by the Decree-Laws nº 180/00, dated 22nd  of May, nº 22/2002, dated 31st  January  and nº 37/2011, dated 10th  of March, as an owner of a Real Right of Periodic Habitation at “Clube Albufeira” you are invited to attend the Owners General Assembly, to take place on the 21st  of November 2018, at 10.00 a.m., at the premises of Clube Albufeira, situated in Alpouvar, Albufeira, with the following Agenda:

  1. To deliberate over the Management Report and the Accounts with respect to the utilization of the “Condominium or Maintenance Fees” and contributions to the Reserve Funds, referring to the year ended on the 31st of December 2017.
  2. Appreciation of the “Administration and Maintenance Program of the Resort” for the year 2019, presented by the management of the resort, that establishes the estimate of the “ Condominium or Maintenance Fees” by type of accommodation, to be charged during this exercise and the application of the values coming from the Reserve Fund to the amount of € 170.000 (hundred and seventy thousand Euros).
  3. Deliberation of the mandate to be granted to the management company of the resort, to initiate judicial and/or pre-executive procedures against owners of D.R.H.P. “Clube Albufeira” that have maintenance fees in arrears for more than one year.
  4. Deliberation about the reimbursement to the management company of the costs and registration fees at the property registry office for D.R.H.P. titles, when this registration is not done by the owners themselves.
  5. Presentation of the amounts of maintenance fees in arrears of D.R.H.P. title holders as per 30.09.2018 and deliberation about the coercive collection of same.

Yours sincerely

Clube Albufeira – Gestão Imobiliária e Turística Lda.


Albufeira, 15th October 2018.

Annex: Management Report and Accounts for the year 2017, as well as the Administration and Maintenance Program for 2019.

Note:    All owners of the Real Rights of Periodic Habitation will need to show proof of ownership in order to intervene and deliberate in the said Assembly.



Summoning of General Assembly

Management Report 2017 GB

Management Report 2017 PT

Management Report’s