Clube Albufeira Garden Village


Albufeira is one of the most dynamic areas in the Algarve, owing to it’s variety in touristic offers and where some of the best beaches of the region are located. In our opinion the following are the best beaches in the area and why you should visit them.

The Best Beaches in Albufeira

Albufeira was originally a small fishing village and has been transformed into one of the most energetic cities in the Algarve, due to the large number of tourists which it attracts every year. A few of the reasons for this abundance of tourists is the ample offer of hotels, restaurants, retail shops and most specifically the beaches.

Santa Eulália beach in Olhos de Água

This beach is one of the most beautiful and well maintained beaches in the Algarve. It is surrounded by rock faces which create an infinite number of alcoves which provide a bit of privacy. It also has a fresh ambience about it because of all the surrounding vegetation and palm trees.

There is ample parking space and there are various restaurants nearby as well as a bar and disco.

Peneco beach

Peneco beach also known as the Tunnel beach because of the tunnel which provides direct access from the city center to the beach.

This beach also has an elevator which takes you directly to the top of the cliffs where you can appreciate the wonderful sea view of Albufeira.

Pescadores Beach

The Pescadores beach is directly adjacent to the Peneco beach and these two beaches are known as the Albufeira beach as they are found on the coast running along the length of the city centre.

Both beaches have all the modern commodities of an urban beach and are suitable for families with children. They are nestled in between the cliff faces which help guard them from heavy winds.

 Arrifes beach

Arrifes beach is known for it’s natural beauty. It is a small cove surrounded by pine trees and rocky formations. It has many nooks and crannies to explore both on the beach and in the water, which is ideal for scuba divers and simply the curious who like to discover nature.

The beach also has all the modern commodities such as a restaurant where you can sit in the shade, admire the view and have a fresh drink.

There is unsupervised parking nearby.

Evaristo beach

This small beach is surrounded by low cliffs and is easily accessible by car. Unsupervised parking is available.

There are various trails up onto the cliffs which provide wonderful views.

There are showers available and a life guard during the summer season.

You will also find the Evaristo restaurant which specializes in fresh fish.